Congratulations to our 2020 officers!
President – Becky Osborne
Vice President – Cheryl Kilker
Secretary – Tammy Berbee
Treasurer – Dee Overholt

APHA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the APHA membership from each state.  The Directors travel to an annual conference, typically in Texas, where they consider new rules and tackle policies and challenges to the Association as a whole. They represent their constituents at the Subcommittee level and vote as a group for rule and policy changes.    The Directors’ commitment is both a time and financial one – as Directors travel to Texas on their own dime and pay their own hotel and transportation costs.  In the interim during the year, Directors are asked to provide feedback and advice to their subcommittees.  It is an important job to ensure that our association and industry thrives.

New events added:
Now offering Working Cow in youth, amateur and open divisions.